Dong Ling Cao 600g

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  • Dong Ling Cao 600g

    $25.41 $22.87

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      Dong Ling Cao 600g

      $25.41 $22.87

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      Benefits of Dong Ling Cao

      When consumed in its natural form, it has a bitter taste and creates an instant cooling sensation in the stomach. It also has an immediate cooling effect in the lungs and liver, making it an effective treatment for heat inducing illnesses. Herba rabdosiae commonly treats various ailments such as:

      Dong Ling Cao also offers a wide assortment of additional health benefits, such as:

      Giant Cell Arteritis Treatment

      GCA commonly affects elderly patients, but it can also affect other parts of the population. It is a systemic vasculitis that mainly affects the arteries of the arms, head and neck. GCA causes soreness, inflamed arteries, pain in the jaw and can even lead to vision loss. When GCA is caught early, treatment with Herba rabdosiae may help prevent serious complications. There is no cure for GCA, but Dong Ling Cao can be an effective way to help a patient cope with the symptoms and improve overall quality of life (xx).

      Cancer Treatment

      Dong Ling Cao has also aided in the treatment of various forms of cancer. Gastroesophageal junction, liver cancer, cancer of the esophagus and  breast cancer cells prove unable to survive in the same environment as Herba rabdosiae. Additional research proves that many of the active agents in Herba rabdosiae harm existing cancer cells and prevent them from multiplying (xxx).

      Tumor Treatment & Prevention

      When taken in pill form, Herba rabdosiae is a strong, yet effective treatment for various forms of tumors. It has proven effective in reducing the size of cancerous stomach, breast, liver, lung and esophageal tumors. The herb has been used as a treatment for mast cell tumors and tumors caused by skin cancer. Herba rabdosiae prevents cancerous cells from multiplying, which eventually prevents tumor progression. The active ingredient oridonin causes apoptosis and cell cycle arrest in most tumors, making it a prime treatment for various forms of cancerous and benign tumors (xx).

      Antimicrobial Agent

      Dong Ling Cao is antimicrobial, which makes it a tool against several ailments. Whether taken in its natural form or in capsule form, it can treat the flu, colds, acute laryngitis, sore throat and canker sores. In oral applications, it has also shown to be an excellent treatment for gingivitis. It is effective on its own, but can also be mixed with other herbs to increase its potency and effectiveness (xxx).

      Improves Circulation

      Diabetes mellitus is a common, yet complex, ailment with a negative effect on the body. Many patients suffer irreversible harm due to poor circulation and other microvascular complications from diabetes mellitus when it is diagnosed in the later stages. Dong Ling Cao helps to improve blood circulation in the body and helps the liver, lungs and stomach to function more efficiently. It also helps to control lipids and blood sugar levels, which, in turn, promote healthy blood circulation (xx).

      Pain & Swelling Relief

      For patients who suffer from incurable chronic pain, prescription nonsteroidal medications may not be a viable long term treatment option. However, Herba rabdosiae may be an effective treatment for swollen joints, arthralgia and other similar ailments. Dong Ling Cao also helps keep body fluid at a healthy level, which reduces swelling. By maintaining optimal function of these systems, the body removes blood stasis, which increases circulation and reduces pain. Unlike prescription medications, Herba rabdosiae helps to stimulate white cell phagocytosis in the body as well as encourage prostaglandin production, which is an inflammatory lipid. This results in less pain and swelling with fewer to no side effects (x, x).


      Your body is already equipped to rid itself of basic toxins, but there are times when it needs a little bit of extra help. Herba rabdosiae helps the natural detoxification system in your body to get rid of excess heat and poisons. This is most helpful when your immune system is fighting off the effects of an infection, cancer or other illness .



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