Ivy Garland Vines 260cm Each – 5 Per Pack

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  • Ivy Garland Vines 260cm Each - 5 Per Pack

    $54.67 $49.20

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      Ivy Garland Vines 260cm Each - 5 Per Pack

      $54.67 $49.20

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      High Quality and Realistic Artificial Ivy Garlands – 2.6m long (5 pack).

      There are approximately 40-45 artificial leaves per garland, with three (3) different sized leaves to best imitate a natural ivy vine.

      The fake leaves measure: 7cm, 8cm and 9cm and the overall ivy vine measures 2.6m in length.

      • High Quality and Botanically Correct Artificial Leaves.
      • Easy to drape, hang or customize.

      High Quality and Realistic Artificial Ivy Garlands – 2.6m long each garland (5 pack of Artificial Ivy Garland).

      Each garland is 2.6m long, and there are 5 pieces in this pack.

      These stunning replica fake ivy garlands have been designed to mimic nature down to the last detail ­ from the variegated and lush green leaves, to the individual veins, curling tendrils and stems.

      • Each pack contains five artificial ivy garlands that each measure 260cm long. The vines feature tens of mixed sizes of leaves per garland to mimic the natural look as much as possible.
      • The flexible stem means you can twist it into any shape. Intertwine it round doorways and bannisters, use it in hanging basket displays & floral table centrepieces, or hang it for a stunning photo backdrop for your next event or party!

      It’s a well known fact that every home, event or party looks better when decorated with plants. They add life, vibrancy and an instant burst of colour that’s always in style. However they also require constant care, and can be very particular about their environment.

      Our beautifully realistic fake ivy garland vines always look beautiful no matter how much you ignore them! They add texture and colour where it’s missing, transforming even the drabest and darkest space into one that pops with vibrant life.

      Try the artificial ivy garland in hard to reach places where real plants won’t flourish, intertwine it in balustrades, hang it from archways and doorways, and weave it into your artificial vertical garden walls … the only limit is your imagination. The flexible stem makes positioning it a breeze, and once it’s up you can be confident it will always look good.

      Its ease of use makes it the perfect garland for events and special occasions such as weddings and birthday parties. Use it to add a touch of floral glam to table pieces, chairs, pergolas and as a gorgeously green backdrop wall.

      Ivy garlands and vines are the perfect way to decorate any archway, balcony, table, hanging light shades or any other area in need of some greening.

      Artificial ivy garlands can be easily wound though any vertical garden panel, or simply left to hang from a hook – alternatively you can make your own arrangement for a wedding, event, or permanent feature.

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