VegeBox™ Table – Indoor Hydroponic Garden

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  • VegeBox™ Table - Indoor Hydroponic Garden

    $207.38 $186.65

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      VegeBox™ Table - Indoor Hydroponic Garden

      $207.38 $186.65

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      • NEW indoor hydroponic garden kit range – the VegeBox Table
      • Your own indoor vegetable garden
      • Grow your own herbs, vegetables, salad leaves and more in your home, all year round
      • Intelligent lighting system with timer
      • 9 Planting Holes
      • Shading Caps for superior seed cultivation
      • Seeding Box
      • 2 Year Warranty

      Now even the smallest of homes can have the full Garden to Plate experience, even if you don’t have a garden or balcony.

      The VegeBox Table indoor garden kit has a 9 hole planting tray and can fit comfortably on your kitchen bench, coffee or bedside table.

      Have fresh, nutritious, herbs, vegetables and microgreens at your fingertips with no messy waste and throw away plastics.

      Step 1: Sowing seeds made simple – Place your chosen seeds into the provided seeding boxes with water and allow up to 5 days for germination to be visible. Small roots will appear within 1-5 days for most plants.

      Step 2: Straight forward sprouting- once the roots are visible, you can move the seeds to the planting beds. Switch on the VegeBox Table’s intelligent lighting system which enables the automatic light cycle meaning your plants will grow all year round, rain hail or shine.

      Step 3: Set and let sit – adding water and nutrients as needed, this next step is the easiest and most exciting. Watch your harvest grow! Some varieties of greens may take up to 7 weeks to mature, however you can harvest many herbs and salad leaves as they are still growing.

      Smart Growth

      Plug in, add water and watch your plants grow

      The Vegebox Table has a 9 hole planting tray which is perfect for those who are just getting started with indoor gardening, or anyone with limited space.

      With the easy start button, built in timer and smart lighting technology the VegeBox Table will be growing delicious healthy plants for 14 hours a day whilst you work, rest and play. Once your seedlings are ready to plant in the VegeBox Table, just add water and nutrients (not included) then watch and wait.

      When purchasing nutrients, we recommend products designed for inert mediums (like VegeBox). They may come in in a two pack of A and B formulations specifically for use with tap water.

      The Vegebox Table’s intelligent lighting system will start a cycle of 14 hours of lighting followed by 10 hours off and then repeat. The power button will slowly flash when the nutrition concentration is below the desired level, to remind you to add water and nutrients.

      Indoor Hydroponic Garden

      Healthier and happier plants

      Hydroponic gardening simply means growing plants in water without soil. The VegeBox Table requires no soil, which means no mess!

      As well as no mess, hydroponic gardening is proved to have several advantages over soil gardening. The growth rate of a hydroponic plant is 30-50% faster than a soil plant, grown under the same conditions. The yield of the plant is also greater.

      Scientists believe that there are several reasons for these differences between hydroponic and soil plants. The extra oxygen in the hydroponic garden set up helps to stimulate root growth and allows the plant to absorb nutrients faster. The nutrients in a hydroponic system are mixed with the water and sent directly to the root system. The plant does not have to search in the soil for the nutrients that it requires. Those nutrients are being delivered to the plant several times per day. A hydroponic-grown plant requires very little energy to find and break down food. This plant then uses this saved energy to grow faster and to produce more fruit*.

      In general, plants grown hydroponically are healthier and happier plants.

      Accessories included:

      – VegeBox Table Container and Manual
      – 9 hole planting bed
      – Power Supply
      – Sponge x 12 pieces
      – Seed Box
      – 2 Shading Hats
      – 12 Planting baskets
      – Measuring Cup
      – Tweezers

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